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Audio-Visual Amp

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W/H AUDIO-VISUAL Amp: most efficient whole house audio video control Amplifier.

As homeowners, many of us will use our home remodel as an opportunity to upgrade our existing home audio and visual equipment such as televisions, amplifiers, satellite/cable box, DVD players, whole house audio, video games, etc.With these upgrades, you have an opportunity to reduce power consumption in your home, making it a greener home. Further, if your new equipment is an addition to your power consumption, then there are products that are better choices than others relative to energy consumption.

Today, we want to talk about the whole house audio category, and innovation which is occurring in the whole house audio market. Whole house audio is sound that is piped to various locations in your home, and you hear it through speakers in your walls or ceiling. You select a source (DVD, iPod, Pandora, XM Satellite) in the room you are occupying, your amplifier recognizes your selection, and then delivers the sound/music to your location.A key component of whole house audio system is a multi-channel amplifier.

Suppliers of multi-zone multi-channel amplifiers are company?s such as Elan Systems, Aton Xantech and others. Most are installed by system integrators, or home theater installers.Up until now, amplifiers in home audio systems consume significant power in standby mode. Essentially if you have a computer for internet radio, a DVD player, a receiver for radio, a television, XM satellite, and Sonos connected, your amplifier is supplying power to run those products at all times 24/7! Whether they are being used or not, your amplifier is consuming power.

Elan Home Systems announced a revolutionary new circuit design for several of their multi-channel amplifiers. Trademarked D System circuit, this new innovative patent-pending technology turns off any channels that not being used by a homeowner. The Elan Home Systems amplifiers are not in standby mode, they are not in mute mode, their amplifiers are completely shut down for channels not being used!

Get With Green, that not only are you going to do better for our environment, but calculations show a savings of $100-550 per year for the typical homeowner in electrical costs. A typical amplifier without an D System circuit uses 14 times (40 watts) more power than an amplifier equipped with an D System circuit. A Elan D Series Systems amplifier equipped with an D System circuit uses less than 4 watts when in idle mode.The savings in dollars and the environment goes even further, Hanson tells us, because the D System circuit shuts down channels when not in use it generates far less heat! Thus reducing electricity (e.g. fans) required for cooling your equipment while you are not around!

The products from Elan that you want to check out are the D12 Twelve Channel Amplifier, the D16 Sixteen Channel Amplifier or the S8AP Eight source six room Controller Amplifier. All three are equipped with D System circuit technology.Elan products are not found on the shelves of Best Buy or Circuit City. You can purchase them from ECD or dealer across the US and around the world. Similar multi-channel amplifiers for your whole house audio system are available from Elan Home System (Model:S8AP, S6 ) and from Xantech (Model: MRC88CTL), but neither offer the energy saving technology of the Elan G Systems products from what we could tell.

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Created: 10/10/10

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