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Home Owners

Custom A/V Home Entertainment System

•Custom System Design & Installation.Home Theater
•TiVO DVR Recorders•IR Remote Repeaters
•In Wall Speakers•Ceiling Speakers
•Home Theater THX Digital Surround Sound•Dolby Digital & DTS
•A/V Matrix HDMI Multi Source Switching System
•High Definition TV, Audio WiFi & Bluetooth media streaming
•LED,LCD, Plasma, Projectors & Flat Screen & In Wall Monitors

Consumer’s GlossaryThings You Should Know

Below is a list of some common terms you will encounter when shopping for a whole-house
audio/video system and browsing our web site:

  • Multi-Room Audio Distribution
  • Multi-Source/Multi-Zone Audio Distribution
  • RF(Radio Frequency)Video Distribution
  • Modulated RF Video Distribution
  • Composite Video Distribution
  • User Interface
  • Home Automation
  • Structured Wiring
  • Wire Management Center
  • Telecommunications


Allows you to listen to one selected source at a time throughout the house.Your own home stereo system is the controller in a multi-room distribution system. Whatever audio sources you have connected to it (i.e. iPod, Tivo, Satellite,Tuner, Music Server, Blueray, DVD, CD, DMX, etc.) can be listened to throughout the home simply by selecting that source on your stereo receiver or pre-amp. That signal is then sent to your ELAN components where it is amplified and distributed to all the speakers in your home. In-Wall Volume Controls allow you to independently set the listening level in each room. Infrared (IR) receivers can be added in multiple locations throughout the house to allow control of source selection from just about anywhere that you may happen to be.


Allows you to listen to different sources in different listening areas, or “zones”, throughout the home.The hub for a multi-source/multi-zone audio distribution system is one of ELAN’s pre-amp controllers. All of your audio sources are connected to the pre-amp controller. Keypads or LED Touch panels in each zone allow you to select any of these sources. The pre-amp controller then routes the source you have selected to the proper zone. IR receivers in each zone can compliment keypads and touch panels, allowing you to control the system from the comfort of your favorite armchair.


Allows you to distribute RF video signals such as Cable TV (CATV) to multiple televisions.The simplest form of video distribution, RF distribution uses video amplifiers and splitters to route video signals throughout the home. Can be combined with Modulated Video Signals (see below).

MODULATED RF VIDEO DISTRIBUTIONAllows you to view additional video sources on unused CATV channels.By definition, a Modulator converts composite video signals (the yellow jack on the back of your DVD player, DSS receiver or VCR labeled Video Out) into RF video signals. These RF signals are then tuned or “modulated” to unused CATV channels. To view the modulated sources (Closed Circuit TV Cameras, VCR, DVD, etc…) all you need to do is turn your TV to these channels.

ELAN Related Products: MOD3000 Digital Modulator /http://www.elanhomesystems.com/video_systems.asp CAM5000 Color CCTV Camera


Allows you to watch different video sources in different viewing areas, or “zones”, throughout the home.Composite video or HDMI interface gives you a superior picture compare to RF. A Component video switcher, such as the ELAN V85 Component Video Controller, allows you to connect multiple video sources (i.e. DVD, DSS, Video Servers) and view each of them independently on any TV in your home. When linked with an ELAN Multi-Source/Multi-Zone pre-amp controller (as described above) these sources would be selectable room any keypad or LED Touch Panel - and the audio portion of each source would automatically be piped through the speakers in that zone.ELAN Related Product: S1616, S1616A, S86, S86A, and V85 Component Video Controller http://www.elanhomesystems.com/cutsheets/CSV85.pdf


Devices such as a volume control, in-wall keypad or LCD touch panel that allows control (to varying degrees) of your home’s electronic systems.

ELAN Related Products: Volume Controls HR2 Handheld Remote / TS2 / TS7, TS10 In-Wall Color Touch Panel/Video Monitor


The ability to control multiple home systems (i.e. audio/video distribution, security, lighting, temperature, relay activated devices such as motorized drapes, blinds, projection screens) from a single user interface.

ELAN G Go Green Software

At the heart of the new g! system are eye-popping user interfaces that deliver unparalleled ease-of-use and control of your entire home. An intuitive and uniform navigation scheme makes using the system ultra user-friendly, from across the room or across the globe. Individual "apps" allow you to seamlessly control each of your home's subsystems - such as security, climate, lighting, media and more – even while on the go from your iPhone, iPad or PC. With g! you're always in touch, and in control.

g!Connect Software

g!Connect Setupg!Connect enables you to control all the features of your g! system from a PC. With an optional Remote Access subscription and internet access, you can check on loved ones or even control your entire home from anywhere in the world.

  • PC running Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 & 8. (Apple users may run g!Connect inside Parallels, VM Fusion, etc.)
  • A Viewer License purchased through your Dealer/Installer.
  • Configuration from your Dealer/Installer.
  • Remote Access subscription (optional)

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A wiring network, specifically designed for your needs, that is run throughout the home during its construction. Although considerably more difficult and expensive, structured wiring networks can be installed after construction has been completed if access to all areas is available (i.e. a basement, crawl space or attic). A structured wiring network usually includes all the wire runs necessary for the distribution and control of audio, video, telephone and computers.


A centrally located “box” to which all of the home’s audio, video and control wires are run. May also house additional distribution components such as telephone punchdown blocks, Ethernet hubs, RF splitters, amplifiers and modulators.


The ability to access, via the telephone, communication features such as Paging and Door/Gate stations, to name just a few.

ELAN Related Products:

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