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Live IP Camera Control Overview

ECD Mobile Control delivers clear viewing and convenient access and control of cameras in your home. You can access the cameras both locally and remotely. Our demo lets you control a camera. (Control up to 16 cameras in your home!)

Touch anywhere on the video image to tilt the camera.

This view includes lighting control that toggles the lights on and off in our demo room. Pan around the image by touching the screen so you see the demo windows. Touch the lighting button to turn the lights on or off and see the results on the video image!

Turn the phone sideways and the image will rotate to landscape view.

Touch anywhere on the image to center the camera on where you touch.

Rotate phone to “portrait” view & touch
on the bottom left to get to the main menu.

Touch "Security". Select "House" or "Garage"

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Created: 10/10/10

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