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Mobile Control

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Elan G Mobile Control
Live IP Camera Control | Security

Getting Started

g! Software & Downloads

g!Connect Setupg!Connect enables you to control all the features of your g! system from a PC. With an optional Remote Access subscription and internet access, you can check on loved ones or even control your entire home from anywhere in the world.


  • PC running Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7. (Apple users may run g!Connect inside Parallels, VM Fusion, etc.)
  • A Viewer License purchased through your Dealer/Installer.
  • Configuration from your Dealer/Installer.
  • Remote Access subscription (optional)

ECD offers the only live home control demo available for you to experience Home automation firsthand on an iPhone or iPod touch.

Welcome to the ECDc mobile Control Application support page for the iPhone and iPod. Use the information on this page to help you -

Learn all about ECD’s iCool home control application
Get the most out of your free “Live!” demonstration
Connect to the ECD Demonstration site
If you have an iPhone or iPod touch - download The “HomeLogic is Now Elan G Mobile Control”, g!Connect Setup App directly from the App Store. IT’S FREE.

Need help downloading or connecting to our system? Click here (link to support email, use iPhone installation Support request)

If your home already has a ECD System installed please contact your ECD dealer to help ensure proper configuration. Your dealer can remotely configure your system for the ECD Mobile Control App.

Connecting to the ECD Demo System for a live ECD Mobile Control experience

To connect your device to the ECD demo system first ensure you’ve successfully downloaded the ECD Mobile Control App and ensure you have cellular or WIFI Internet connectivity.

With the user name and password entered, touch “Remote” for Connection Type.

Should you need to re-enter the Name and Password please touch the appropriate field and type in -

Name – “iPhone Demo ” (case sensitive)
Password – “iphone” (case sensitive)
You know you are successfully connected when you see the Main Screen (below):

Main Screen

You are now ready to experience the LIVE ECD demo! You will control real lights, live IP video cameras and more. You may not be alone! The success of ECD and the new iPhone interface means there are 1000s of people that can connect to the demo.

The following are the highlights you should check out during your tour of our demo system. You will start with viewing and controlling live IP cameras. Select "Video".

> Live IP Camera Control

Send mail to ecdaudiovideopro@aol.com with questions or comments.
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Created: 10/10/10

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